What is this Fanlisting about?

This is a fanlisting dedicated to the character of Kerr Avon on the 1970's British TV series, Blakes 7.

Who can join this Fanlisting?

Anyone. If you love Avon and would like to be counted, then this Fanlisting is for you!

What do I do if I want my name listed in Kerr Avon's Fanlisting?

Very simple. Just go to the <JOIN> tab on this website and submit a request. Your request will be processed ASAP (usually within 2 days).

To see if your name has been added, check the <Avon's Fanlist> tab.

What if I have something to contribute?

All contributions from Forever Avon Fan Listing members are welcome. If you have pics, fan fiction, quotes, reviews, etc. just send them to the contact email address below.

Rules of content submission:

This is a PG-13 site.
Of course, the main character/focus must be Kerr Avon.
For fiction, quotes etc. any format is accepted: txt, Word, rich text, etc.
For any pics, the following formats are accepted: jpeg, gif, png
Please include the following information with your fan fiction submission:
     Fanlisting Name or Name you would like attached to your submission
     Rating of Submission (Gen/Implied/PG-13 etc.)
     Genre (S1,S2,S3,S4,PGP)

Send all submissions to:   erl.patterns@gmail.com

Please include in the Subject header: Forever Avon content submission (submission type)