Who is Kerr Avon?

Brilliant computer and multi-disciplined genius. Bank fraud criminal and a most reluctant anti-hero and rebel.


Biting, sarcastic wit. Does not suffer fools gladly. Claims to only act in self-interest but his actions show otherwise. Arrogant, and with good reason. Will tell you exactly what he feels and thinks, and will not sugar-coat things. Lacking in inter-personal skills but exhibits a remarkable loyalty to those he cares about. Hates being manipulated, controlled, lied to, bullied and especially has an extreme reaction to being betrayed. Often comes across as emotionless but his eyes show a wealth of emotion. He prefers showing how he feels in actions rather than what he considers as irrational and/or irrelevant displays or speech. When he cares deeply, he is willing to die for the one he cares about. But he also has a strong self-protective instinct and will not let many in. He is often willing to risk himself to save others but except for those he cares deeply about, when there is no choice, he will save himself. Avon will act selfishly on occasion but he also will risk himself rather than others. Professes to be a loner and often prefers solitude, claiming he doesn't need anyone; but he has always shown that he needs at least one person. He will seek out company and involve himself in the activities of others even though he claims that his perfect paradise is one without people in it.

Avon shows great interest in wealth, believing that it is the only reality. But once he has the wealth, his only real interest is to keep out of trouble and stay safe, so that no one will be able to touch him.

He shows a remarkable range of skills and knowledge in a wide array of disciplines including: computers (both hardware and software), cypher technology, reactors, weapons, shield technology, etc.

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